Aura is a dating app where the sole focus is matching people with similar lifestyles. Its cutting edge technology with Face ID verification and sophisticated algorithm helped Aura become a prominent application in the highly competitive dating app market.

Creathive worked on refreshing the brand identity according to the app’s new direction, where things are more playful, as well as sophisticated. The balance between the two found its way to the latest web design, which was done by Oğuz. And we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The simplicity of the design included the brand’s new color scheme and unique patterns to add depth to a highly minimalist design. The minimalist design holds the base for showcasing the sophisticated brand identity. To balance out otherwise a very static design, we’ve used animations to add more playfulness which we believe will be well received by its target audience.

Creative Director: @erdemtonyali
Art Director: @sencerbugrahan
Copy Writer: @isilyarimoglu
Dribbble Presentation: @oguzyagiz

Head to to check it out in all its glory. Let us know what you think!

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