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I love the hands-on design approach and paying attention on every small detail like the corner radius of the icons, the typography, the baseline grid, layout grid, the most appropriate colours and keeping all those consistent. It took me some time to do it but finally I was able to complete an example of my step by step process.

The UI kit works best with FF DIN Pro but you could find a version with the free Blogger Sans or update the text styles with any other typeface you prefer. The pack contains Sketch files only. I like Figma but it really takes time. I promise, I'll try to deliver a Figma version... someday soon. All kind of feedback is welcome. Seriously, I mean it. Spending more time on something makes me biased and even blind for some obvious issues, so you could help me improve it and discover some problems.

I'd ask for just one thing. Help me spread the word, please! Thank you!

Cheers! 🍻



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