I had the best sushi of my life this weekend at Sawa Sushi (it was better than anything I've had in Japan). As someone who loves sushi, this is basically like saying that I had the best meal of my life, ever, this weekend. Mind blowing.

The whole set up is actually really cool @ Sawa - imagine an extremely unassuming interior, literally five customers the entire night, and the best damn fish you'll ever eat.

Steve, the chef (and also the only person there), truly embodies the spirit of the artist - he cares so deeply about the food. He doesn't care what you think of the service, the interior, etc. (even though he's rather begrudgingly garnered several international awards over the years) - he just respects sushi very, very deeply. Anyway, he asked me to draw a logo for him after he saw that I lettered my dad's name on a sake bottle and here it iz.


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