Cogsy Brand

Cogsy is a proactive approach to inventory management.


The wonderful Adii (prev Co-Founder of WooCommerce) reached out looking for a collaboration on his new startup brand. It was clear from the start how knowledgable, devoted and mindful he was on all matters e-commerce - we also shared a similar set of values, which was refreshing.

With the almighty team @damiankidd and @liamjbush, we packed brand strategy, 3 rounds of conceptual exploration and a brand guide in to a few weeks.

What does the icon mean?
Firstly, every brand decision ladders up from the brand strategy. That's defining the mission, values and tone of voice. The inspiration for the sun ray icon came from the theme of 'pattern of predictabilities' during our conceptual exploration - the reliability of Cogsy, making every day count, power, warmth and an ever present constant in daily life.

What other icon themes were explored?
Damian will share them but off the top of my head we had a dolphin as the front-runner for a while (smart, devoted animals), old Nordic symbols (simplifying the complicated) and a load of infinity 'C's (endless possibilities)

Where did the application - photo/shape gradient - idea come from?
The use of gradients and application (images meeting shapes) was inspired by a morning walk with my dog Sol in our local park. The sun shining through the trees, creating these lines of light was gorgeous (attached the photo) and complimented the theme beautifully.

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Posted on Nov 23, 2020

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