Creature From The St. Johns River Skateboard

Super stoked to finally show these. First Deck design in a while but it came back like a hungry lost animal from the lagoon.

Creature from the St. Johns River collab between Creature Skateboards / The Block Skate Supply / Halftone Def

Not a lot of people know that there are some ties between the film and the St Johns here locally and my small stinky home town. But I wanted to ratchet that up a bit. Seeing how the Toxic waste from a few big plants on the st johns flows north into downtown Jax, I like to think that if The Creature made it up here he would have most definitely mutated into a Riverside Hipster at this point. Barfing up toxic algae, fish, and cigs after a long night that started with high end craft brews and ending with some PBRs.

Tron Burgundy
The Much Bigger Half of Halftone Def Studios - Levi Ratliff

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