Collective branding

Had the privilege of working w/ some of the most talented designers @jip and @Rogeroddone on branding.

- Competitive research
- Moodboarding
- Visual style
- Conceptual territories
- Exploration
- Definition

Competitive research
- Gain visual understanding of competitors
- Identity opportunities to create differentiation

- Gain visual alignment
- Inspire the creative process

Visual style
- Approachable
- Intelligent
- Trustworthy
- Confident
- Simple

Conceptual territories
- Collective empowerment - "Together, we're unstoppable"
- Connections / partnerships
- Support / infrastructure
- Moving forward together

- Diversion: Creative explorations of different representations of brand pillars
- Conversion: Selection of those that represent better
- Finalization: Pick a final logo to be the center of the brand

- Define the logo, colors, fonts and their applications

Posted on Oct 30, 2020

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