SV Jo Beth Identity Design

SV Jo Beth is a sailing vessel, a travel blog and vlog, and a consulting service for others hoping to hit the open water. Bill and Lisa, owners of SV Jo Beth and avid sailors, were in need of a new look for their brand that could grow with their evolving business. Through a collaborative design process I created a responsive logo with a flexible color palette to ensure their new logo and branding will serve any and all of their future business needs.

While the logo is essentially one color, Bill and Lisa expressed interest in eventually selling SV Jo Beth gifts and promotional items. So, I created a 5 color palette for their brand that will give them flexibility in product design when the time comes. Most of SV Jo Beth’s current sailing adventures take place South of the Florida Keys which results in Bill taking stunning images of sunsets and sunrises over the water. This served as inspiration for the color palette, which I refer to as “approachably tropical.” All 5 colors are slightly muted versions of the vibrant, in-your-face colors one might usually associate with the Florida Keys.

The logo itself is also very approachable, featuring slightly rounded corners and a humanist serif font, which fits Bill and Lisa’s friendly demeanors perfectly. Because SV Jo Beth is centered around Bill and Lisa’s sailboat, which is also named Jo Beth, there was never any question to me that the new logo needed to be representative of sailing. After working through several options ranging from modern to retro, the end result is a transitional logo design that immediately makes a connection to sailing and the sea.

Megan Kranzler
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