WP Table Builder - A drag-drop table builder for WordPress

This is the hero section for the homepage of a recent client design project.

WP Table Builder is a drag-drop plugin for WordPress that makes creating any type of tables for websites, a breeze.

My work included creating a new messaging to better present the product, copywriting assisting the concept, website design, and development.

The main challenge was to figure out the positioning and how to communicate the product, i.e. whether to highlight its drag-drop nature, the product interface, or something else.

But, all those are just means to achieve the end result that the users care about - i.e. creating beautiful, complex, and high-converting tables with ease.

So, in the end, I went with an outcome-oriented intro for the hero section of the homepage that you see here, communicating to the visitor the kind of tables that they would be able to create with this plugin.

To include the "drag-drop" and "ease-of-use" aspect of the product, the description below the headline draws an analogy with page builders — which is a well-known concept in the WordPress niche (especially the plugin's target audience) — so that they would be able to draw instant comparison which sows the seed of initial expectations then unfolding into the product's actual interface pictures and details later down the page.

The hero section is then followed by the classic social proof to establish trust and authority in the niche.


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