Aitor & Nagore - Wedding invitation

According to the RAE (the Spanish Royal Language Academy), a wedding is a ceremony by which two people are united in marriage and where both parties are essential for it to take place. When we met with Aitor and Nagore to talk about the invitation that we were going to design for them, we told them that it seemed very important that this concept was present because it is the essence of the event. They liked the idea so much that we went ahead with it.

We decided that for a project with so much meaning, we had to take a risk and use a different material, a transparent glasspack sheet divided into two pieces where each one contained part of the invitation text. To further emphasize the concept of union that we wanted to convey, we separated the text by letters randomly distributed on both sheets. Thus, the only way to be able to read the text and understand the invitation was to put these two parts together, the same as in a wedding.

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