Datawallet – Web 3 Wallet.

Datawallet – Web 3 Wallet.
Proof of concept.

During earlier product versions of Datawallet we relied on API access to access users data for their wallets. At some point during 2019, data quality and access via API was greatly greatly reduced for us.

We needed a new way to get data for our users. So we built this proof of concept Web 3 wallet.

To get you data it actually 'clicked' all the necessary steps for you in a hidden browser window, and waited for the files to be delivered. This could take quite some time so it was important to show users what stage the data gathering was at and how long to expect to wait.

Once data was gathered, it was encrypted and stored locally.

We developed an API for DApps to request access to this local data, and permission was recorded to the blockchain.

An earlier iteration of this extension was used in production for a promotional contest for Datawallet.

Note: 3rd party brands for illustration purposes only.

Posted on Oct 20, 2020

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