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I am a Digital Product Designer with 5 years of experience working in an agency that develops e-commerce projects, during that period I have been in charge of redesigning multiple e-commerce projects at the national level and everything that the process entails from taking the requirements and presentation of the design to the client, preparing the design for the technical team and monitoring the project once launched to refine details with the help of tools such as Hotjar and Google Analytics.

As one of the first employees with my role I have contributed and participated in the stages of:
- Increase
- Consolidation
- Fusion

What are the projects in which I have been part:
Pacomartinez, Energy Sistem, Deco&Lemon, Marvimundo, Union Alcoyana

What I'm looking for:
I seek to be part of a relatively small and agile team in which empathy for others is something of the day to day with the aim of working with motivation and with a common goal, I would also like to contribute my knowledge and learn from my colleagues. " creates a product that is impactful and one that we are proud of."

My motto is:
I truly believe that people come first over technology.


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Dennis Montes
Digital Product Designer.

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