Box Bois - Mobile Game

As an exercise to practice creating in a game design workflow, a few friends and I created an arcade game you control with your face, Box Bois!

Try it out here:

The object of the game is to launch a box out of a cannon to hit the boi with the balloon. You lose a life if the balloon or the box touches the scissors which get increasingly harder to avoid as the game progresses.

The game is playable for free via Snapchat. Just search "box bois" or click the link in the post to play. We had a blast creating the game, a lot of hard work and iterations. My buddy Enoch Ajagbe did a lot of cool math to make the physics and the collision detection work, so huge thank you to him.

Posted on Oct 1, 2020
Alex Bradt
I create animations empasizing joy.

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