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Still struggling to understand what kind of data would be most valuable for a member to see when he/she browses another member’s profile? Is it the place of birth, the current place of living, the age, the last active info, or something completely different?

Of course, these product decisions are easier to solve when put into context. And the context is: What values are cherished in the Tribevibe community?

Urgency is surely not one of them, which is why I decided to remove the “last active” info. It might be of value for the community to see which members are most active, but on the other side, it creates an uneasy feeling of urgency, for members to open the app, or to reply to a message instantly.

This is only one of the many tiny product decisions I did, intending to create an online space where time and attention is not essential, but a sense of belonging and acceptance is.

But what is Tribevibe?
Tribevibe is a global community of travellers, wanderers, and curious people that thrive under the premise that the world is inherently good. It provides a platform for meaningful connections and experiences. Simply put, it's a community for untourists—for those that travelling is a way of life and a path to self-discovery.
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