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After completing the branding process, with 5678 Dance owner Nicole Thornton, we moved on to designing and developing a website. With the target audiences in mind, parents of young children, I focused on two main challenges. First, between work, children, and more, the parents of students are busy. Difficulty accessing important information will likely turn parents away. Second, with COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone's minds, parents need to be assured that it is safe to bring their children to the dance studio.

After gathering content from the old website and adding some new content, Nicole and I cut the word count down to only what was necessary. Using photographs and solid colored sections filling the screen, I eliminated distractions for a quick, fun read. As for the challenge of COVID-19, a colorful badge spins is fixed to the bottom right corner of every page, so parents can quickly access the precautions the studio is taking to keep students and families safe. Photos illustrate each precaution allowing parents to scroll through the page quickly.

The 5678 Dance website was launched two weeks ago. Since then, we have received positive feedback and already new students signing up for class. Check it out! 5678dance.com

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Posted on Sep 24, 2020

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