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Hey dribbblers 👋

I recently redesigned my personal website and really liked how it turned out, I've been struggling with this redesign for quite some time but I'm finally satisfied with it 🔥

🎬 I wanted to go with big bold typography to give it some movie poster vibes and I even got a serif font for the navigation links which kindda look like signatures.

📸 I didn't want to use stock photos for this one but I didn't have any Good Photos™ of myself so I improvised a photo session in my backyard with the help of my father (thanks dad!)

You can check the live version at https://fsvdr.me which features some parallax scrolling with the photos!

See ya!

PS — This is my very first shot but I've actually been hanging around for quite a while 👀 nevertheless I'm excited to join the community and share some shots!

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

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