Weight tracking app concept

Hi Dribbblers!
I’m excited to introduce you a concept of a weight tracking app.

👉 I have challenged to do the research and create a concept of weight tracking app in a day. It was important for me to create something usable. I looked at existing applications and figured out how they work. It was an important experience to try to use 7 apps myself.

✨ This experiment pushed me to think fast and deliver results in tight deadlines. I focused on deliverables: analysis and concept of UI, so didn’t polish details. If i had more time I’d built a more thought out and verified concept, but in a day I created version “zero” that showed me mistakes and drove me to do research. At the beginning, I thought that it is a super easy task, and I need to show some numbers and fancy graphs, but care of people should stand behind this slick UI.

You can learn more about my process and incites in my Medium post

Feedback helps me improve and grow, I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts!

Posted on Sep 15, 2020
Maria Kosiakova
UX/UI Designer

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