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OS 1.0 by NODE™ - The Next Logical Progression™

OS 1.0 is the next great operating system by the greatest tech company the world has yet to hear of, NODE™. NODE believes in simplicity through style and harmonious aesthetic. Started by Oliver Price in 2019, NODE™ took the world by storm with their sleek, sturdy devices and their intuitive interfaces. Always being one to fuse the organic with the technological, Price gave his devices reclaimed wooden frames, giving each piece a unique, tangible element.

OS 1.0 is the first operating system from NODE™. Since every NODE™ product utilizes the latest in touch screen technology, processing power, and gyroscopic support, OS 1.0 requires only a finger and a voice to operate. There are no keyboards or peripheral devices necessary, though creatives can purchase the new NODE™ Flange™ Stylus Pen, which they can use in tandem with the new Adobe Dominion CC Suite.

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NODE™ is an experimental project I'm undertaking as a challenge to explore future design. The idea was initiated by my girlfriend while watching "HER", where the thought of what the next great OS would be was sparked. This will be an on-going exploration, where I hope I can bring you some interactive elements to enjoy as well.

Attached are some initial explorations for the branding and identity of NODE™.

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts, ideas, and comments on the project below!

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