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  1. Mike Hince Mike Hince

    Today I've been working on a new landing page for my Howwlr project, the main issue I was facing was a high bounce rate as the current landing page - well sucks. This landing page is designed to reveal more about the site and have hot links to the content that you need to see.

    Not live yet but wanted to share.

    Profile images via UIFaces

    See the @x2 for the details.

    2 months ago

  2. Bobby Anderson Bobby Anderson

    Very nice mate, great colours. I'd maybe add a bit more padding below the 'Read Popular Jokes' and 'Read Latest Jokes' buttons though, feels a bit tight to the grey row?

    2 months ago

  3. Mike Hince Mike Hince

    @Bobby Anderson Yeah I think I was trying to cheat the 'fold' but it's not worked!


    2 months ago

  4. Bobby Anderson Bobby Anderson

    Ah not the F word ;) @Mike Hince

    2 months ago

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