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Warrior Up is an app that motivates people and gives them space to motivate others. We designed its user feed that focuses precisely on that - motivation from the people you choose to follow parallel to the Expert Feed when users need a little extra help from a professional.


Warrior Up is a mobile app made to address the specific Performance, Survival and Health needs of First Responders and Veterans. It serves both as a personal diary of well-being and a social networking platform.

Tailor-made for a different kind of exercise enthusiast who wants to stay fit and keep an eye on their progress, the product needed a clean and straightforward user onboarding. In a world of constant digital disruptions, the best scenario for good onboarding UX is to make it less of a chore you have to do to get to the app content.

With high-performance occupations, it's essential to be able to see your personal performance straightaway. Since well-being is not only physical fitness, but a blend of factors that contribute each in its own way, we introduced features such as activity rings that keep tabs on the users' daily activities and remind them to keep up with their nutrition, fitness, and sleep regimens.

The next-generation approach to health is community-based. We needed to create a space for users to reflect on their progress and at the same time find support and connect with their fellow people. Various research has shown that maintaining physical and mental strength is easier when you are building relationships and, as a result, strengthening a community.

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