Bachelor Project - Gava

Hii ^^ Finally I can show you all our biggest and most in depth school project so far, Gava!

You might recognize the name from other shots, since this is basicaly an huge iteration on said earlier project. The name was still a very good fit so we decided to keep it.

Anyway, a technology-based learning platform? Yes indeed, technology is growing and evolving so rapidly that there needs to be a place where we can keep track of the evolution, learn and solve our problems. Every user can start making courses, which consist out of videos around a certain topic of their choosing. In addition, every video has a StackOverflow-like discussion to give feedback, ask questions & interact as a community.

That's only a very quick presentation of our project. For a more in-depth look into our concept, design and branding, I invite you to checkout our post on Behance:

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