CORWIN Website

From setting up a new strategy, through design all the way to development. Check out the new website that we have created for our client Corwin.

Corwin is a Real Estate development company. Their motto is to build a legacy for future generations and they realize that what they build today should endure and enhance the lives of those who come after us. Therefore, their projects are environmentally friendly, they do not disrupt the overall look of the neighborhood and their main concern is the well-being of people.

Our role was to show all these ideas throughout the website using the beautiful visuals of their projects. We did a complete redesign of their digital experience and created a brand new design language with a modular design system that will be used for their future project websites like GUTHAUS.

Kudos to our development team, who was able to incorporate all the designs and motions created by our design team.

We are happy to continue to collaborate with Corwin on their beautiful and environmentally friendly projects.

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Animation by @Lukáš Straňák

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