Offer page on 3 devices

📱💻📺 3 devices, 3 layouts, 3 different experiences but the same feeling ?

It can be difficult to reconcile the constraints of each device from a creative point of view.
This is why it is important to create rules that can be easily extrapolated from one screen to another.

For example, here the components are the same size on mobile and desktop because the distance at which the screen is viewed is similar.
On TV, on the other hand, each element is about twice as big to be seen correctly.
This makes it easier to make decisions and to obtain a homogeneous rendering.

On the UX side, the smartphone includes a "close" icon in the view because it's fullscreen, on the desktop it's outside because it's a modal, and on TV it's absent because the physical "back" button is dedicated to that.

The subscribe button also gets a special treatment on TV, because the navigation is totally different, and the only option equivalent to the others would have been to have a sidebar on the left side, but it was kind of weird graphically.

Tell me what you think about it 🤓

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