Càphê Roasters Branding

Smith & Diction has been working on a branding refresh for our friends at Càphê Roasters for the past few weeks and we're really excited to share some in progress states of where things are headed. Ideally, we wanted to create a brand that felt small and warm with the potential to evolve into the national scene eventually.

The first direction is centered around the plastic stools found in abundance around Vietnam. The stools represent the idea of community and reflection by encouraging folks to just take a seat with a friend and enjoy a moment together wherever you are.

We also developed a dragon mascot to give the brand a little levity, so it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Coffee sometimes gets a little exclusive and we wanted to veer away from that a bit. Plus imagine this lil bud roasting your beans one at a time.

The wobbly workdmark at the end, designed by Rong Xiang, is all about togetherness and spontaneity with the way the irregular letterforms sort of hug each other.

The jury is still out on which direction they are headed but we’re super proud of the work so far so we couldn’t help but share it.

Let me know what ya think.

Mike Smith
Design at Smith & Diction

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