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Hi folks!

Let me introduce you to our latest work YuccaHR.
yuccaHR helps companies to setup, manage and improve your onboarding through automated journeys.

The last two months we have been working on the relaunch of yuccaHR. We have completely revised the site structure and created the design from scratch. The development was done by our developer Johann Weise (www.jcpw.de).

The illustrations are from craftwork and customized. Find them here: https://craftwork.design/?ref=28

Take a look at the live site here: www.yuccahr.com
If you’re looking for a strong partner to design your web/mobile application or website feel free to write us: hey@whitespace.cc
We’re always open for new projects and great companies to work with!

Posted on Jul 27, 2020
Die Power einer Agentur, die Flexibilität eines Freelancers.

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