Form Animation in Photoshop


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  1. Juliano Moreira Dasilva Juliano Moreira Dasilva

    I've been experimenting with a few prototyping tools. Part of my role as a designer/developer is to communicate efficiently with my team, developers, product manager, marketing etc, so that we can bring to life a product people love. Prototyping will help us share smal details, microinteractions, to big layout interactions so I decided to learn a prototyping tool. Photoshop has the animation timeline built-in so I've been playing with it. I'm not proficient with it, and found it to be a fair tool for prototyping. One thing I struggled with was making type animated since it requires separate layers for each letter, but it's working. What do you think? What are you using for prototyping? What tool do you use for prototyping?

    4 months ago

  2. Phillip Wong Phillip Wong

    Hi @Juliano Moreira Dasilva , just came across this shot. If you do decide to use Keynote, it has the 'typewriter' action which will produce the typing effect without having to do it letter by letter.

    3 months ago

  3. Juliano Moreira Dasilva Juliano Moreira Dasilva

    @Phillip Wong Thanks! I didn't know that. I'll try it and update it. Thanks again!

    3 months ago

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