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iToc apple  watch conceptual vector illustrator

So here is my idea for the big smart watch race.

Everyone seems to be focused on creating something with wrist straps and with a square face.

I don't think that's the way apple should and would go. Think about how wonderful the iPod Nano was, and it was just a face. The versatility came from how people made their own wrist straps/harnesses for the device to wear on their wrists or their clothing.

Wrist straps limit the design of the watch, making it, just for your wrist, leaving out the possibilities of more inventive ways to wear and use a smart watch device.

This is my saucer watch idea.

The circular design lends to gyroscopes making sure the watch is always "upright" when looking at it at a 45 degree+ angle. The circle would lend well for a compass, as well as a proximity map. Did I mention you could tell time with it too? Notifications and Siri could handle such things as incoming, outgoing calls and messaging.

With Siri and gestures (up, right, down, left) one could easily have all the functionality of a normal device.

The lack of a built in wrist strap can extend the use of the device. with inductive charging, there will be no need for a hole in the device, leaving it more water resistant.

the curved back of the watch will make it fit comfortably in the curve of your fingers and you discreetly control everything in the cup of your hand.

In a far fetched super-villain scenario, one could place this in the head of a cane, and have a 21st century walking stick!! I digress.

Hope you like it!

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