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OpenEmu Is Out!

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OpenEmu Is Out! openemu interface ui video games games emulator open source application icon retro grid

Its taken a while. Hobby projects run in your spare time tend to, but thanks to the great work of a group of dedicated people. We have released OpenEmu to the world today!

You can get it here

I started tinkering on the project back when it was essentially an awesome demo full of possibility. I joined an IRC room, and found an application, and a group of guys willing to put a front-end to a project brimming with potential. What a great bunch of people they are too.

What we all wanted, was to make emulating your old games as simple, easy and as elegant as possible. We found the user experience presented to users via some absolutely amazing emulator projects to be below average at best.

We wanted an experience where you simply added the legal ROMs you own, dropped them in, and launched the game.

We wanted it to just work.

I think we pulled that off to the best of our ability given the technical hurdles we found. We will strive to continue this.

It took a while, many of that original group, even its founder moved on, while other members of the group also went on to see their lives and careers suddenly grow and change (Think at least 3 others were hired by some big known companies). My own career changed as well. (I went to work at Twitch)

We hand crafted a UI around your games. We re-wrote the grid view. We re-wrote and changed the controller inputs and its design (for that just works out of box experience, plug a controller in and BOOM ...done!). We built a website. We crafted every piece and part of the experience we had time for. For those that still carry the torch, and those that passed it up, we worked damn hard to get this out.

Its here. I’m proud of this app and those that gave up their time for it.

Now stop reading and go play!

p.s. we have an 'Experimental Version' for the brave who want to try out more 'systems' or 'cores' like N64 that just weren't ready from prime time click this thing and download.

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