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Discuss is plain and simple an application designed to improve communication across different stages of a project in a fast and seamless way. A team working in single or multiple projects can communicate ideas and start discussions while being able to have access to an internal storage solution.

Sharing ideas, knowledge, and providing feedback between developers, designers, managers, and other areas of expertise can be held in a single place thus enhancing the overall team efficiency and productivity.

Functionality wise, all five panels are vertically scrollable and some of them can be interchangeable. The Sidebar is defined by a tab system (Menu, Notifications, Settings, and Close). In the preview you can see a list of projects that can be added, removed or modified on the fly. A tag section by colour codes provides an easy way to identify certain discussions related to a particular subject. And last, but not least, there is a milestones section that work as an informational system in order to provide a good overview of the entire project progress.

The Discussions List provides an overview of discussions by a pre-specified category in order to improve organization. The user can manage the entire section while being able to preview and participate in one discussion on the right Discussion Panel.

The Assets section provides a simple way to share files between different departments, or to drag & drop the files into a certain discussion (working as short-cuts). Everything is stored on the cloud and can be uploaded and managed directly in the application.

The last panel called Team works as a list of team members organized by departments. It may look like a chat, however, the main purpose is to provide easy access to the profile of each team member, to know their availability, to drag & drop these members in order to assign them to a certain discussion, or to simply manage their permissions. The possibilities are endless.

To finish, some of you may recognize some aesthetically and structural similarities between this concept and Slate. Yes, it was inspired by my own work, however, I believe each one has different traits and obviously unique features and objectives. As a funny note, it is exactly one year since I submitted that project, which gathered a huge amount of attention and I now highly appreciate all your support by submitting this "spiritual successor".

I hope you enjoy this concept as much as I have enjoyed designing it. More to come in the future.

Please make sure you check out @2x preview and the attachments (retina version included).

Batch Icons by @AdamWhitcroft.
Flaticons by @Zach Roszczewski.


Posted on Nov 25, 2013

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