Our values at Underbelly are very important to us. We are constantly talking about them, sharing examples of them, lifting others up for embodying them. They guide us in our day-to-day and in all decisions that we make. With this emphasis on these values being brought about in recent months, we wanted to make some artwork that we could share around that could also live in our space in the future.

Focus on Craft -
Being great at what we do is vastly important to us. We do this by constantly learning, refining, getting feedback, educating ourselves, diving into challenges, and mostly staying curious.

Be Genuine -
We do our best work when we are genuine. We are comfortable with who we are, our abilities, and we know what it takes to do good work. We are also grounded in reality, understanding of limitations and constraints.

Make a Positive Impact -
We believe that to produce the best work possible, we must intentionally invest in the people within Underbelly. We also know we have a responsibility to think outside of ourselves and find ways to positively impact our local community and the world.

Grow Relationships -
We recognize that life is better when we build meaningful relationships with those around us, both personally and professionally. People contribute their best, and are more fulfilled when they have a healthy personal and professional balance.


Made with ♥️ at Underbelly
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Posted on Jul 9, 2020
Making things better together.

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