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Schwartz diamond quartz ring app icon mac gem gold crystal scratches shiny

Hi guys! Here's some awesome client work from the summer that just got launched.

It's the app icon for a new app called Schwartz. You should check out all of the other sizes. I've also attached some renders of the 3D model that I used for texture mapping & perspective.

Normally I talk a bit about the shading/rendering of an icon in the comment, but this time I want to talk about an [arguably more important] side of the icon: the concept. The metaphor we developed is one of my favorites I've ever done.

Functionally, Schwartz.app is a wrapper for Apple's underlying Quartz technology–it's a bit of software that wraps around some more serious software to make it more beautiful and convenient. The icon, similarly, is a gold ring wrapped around a quartz crystal–it's a bit of jewelry that wraps around a more valuable gem in order to make it more beautiful and convenient to wear. A perfect metaphor!

Oh, and it's a Spaceballs reference in here as well, but I'm sure those who've seen them film have noticed already ;)

So, it works great on a metaphorical level, it's easily recognizable, it's original, plus it's got a bonus in-joke. I'm proud :D

Enjoy! And feel free to leave feedback or ask questions.

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