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Time to get cosmic again! ✨

I've expanded the collection of crystal diagrams with an additional series of seventy-three elements, to create the crystal diagrams, volume two.

The assets have been meticulously recreated using the pen tool in Illustrator, sourced from old mineralogy, and gemology, books. They still come in three variations:

- Stroked version (outline/dashed hidden lines if applicable)
- A compound shape version (outline/dashed hidden lines if applicable)
- A compound shape version (outline only)

As before, they can fulfill many needs: occult key art? Got you covered. Small ornament for a larger piece? Got you covered. Need to customize them to fit your aesthetic (color, line quality or weight, etc.)? GOT. YOU. COVERED.

The line work is crisp, clean, and legible. Each asset comes in multiple vector formats, to adapt to your particular use case, or workflow.

Have fun with them, and don't hesitate to share your work.

- Seventy-three (73) elements
- Available in a variety of vector formats for greater flexibility (Illustrator CC, CS6, CS3, EPS, PDF)
- 84.93 MB archive

If you like the grit you see in the preview images, you can have it for your own projects! It comes from my photocopy noise textures vol. 02, also available on Creative Market.

- Crystal diagrams vol. 01:
- Crystal diagrams vol. 02:

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