Emanate love - Collage Exploration 🌻

Hey, how are you doing?

This time I am posting something different from the usual UI projects. This digital collage was made in 2018, it is written, in portuguese "Let us emanate love", verse of a song by a Brazilian band called "O teatro mágico".

This phrase followed me during my latest years and now, in times so difficult for humanity, it becomes even more important.

The exploration consisted of working on several flowers that have meanings related to love. Flowers by themselves are elements that carry deep feelings and are used in various situations of love and affection.

In addition to being a Product Designer, I also have a degree in Graphic Design, this exploration is part of my visual repertoire constantly exercised over the years.

Hope you like it ❤️

Josias Cunha 🔸
Hey, nice to see you here! 🙌

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