I repeatedly find myself creating favicon and touch-icon assets for different client projects, so I thought I'd throw together a .psd to gather the all the assets together and help me speed things up somewhat. Figured maybe someone else would find the .psd useful so here it is. All shapes are smart objects ready to be dropped on Slicy and exported.

What the psd includes:

16x16px and 32x32px smart objects, ready to be thrown into your favorite .ico-generator (Personally, I use Icon Slate)

Apple touch icons
76x76px, 120x120px and 152x152px smart objects to use as homescreen
touch icons on your favorite mobile OS. Out of the box, the .psd will export square shapes without rounded corners – if you for some reason find it necessary to include the corner masking in the exported images I suggest using Mike Swanson's iOS round rect script to generate the shape. I've found that a iPhone running iOS6 scales down the 120px icon to 114px which is why I've chosen to only include the iOS7 sizes.

Windows 8 tiles
I've yet to implement these on a website, but have tried to include the recommended sizes. Drop a comment if there's one missing, and I'll try to update the .psd.

What the .psd DONT include:

Opera Speed Dial
From what I've gathered through a few tweets with people from Opera and reading their new docs for Speed Dials in Opera 15 it sadly seems that it's no longer possible to specify a Speed Dial image for your website that Opera automatically picks up when a user pins your site to their Speed Dial.

Special favicon sizes for IE (24x24px, 48x48px, 64x64px)
Incase the 24px favicon size is missing, IE9 uses the 32px favicon size instead which is good enough for me. As for the other two sizes, I couldn't even find documentation on where and when they're used, so I choose to omit them. Again, you're welcome to point me towards more info on this matter.

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Posted on Oct 2, 2013

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