GIF: Jelly

068 cindysuen  pink jelly 400 dribbbble

Sneak peek of something I did during the summer for Neonmob, an awesome site to collect and trade stuff! :)

You guys should check it out and sign up, because you will be able to collect my GIFs there soon! During the summer, literally all I did was making candies GIFs with this blue squashy character (my set is about candies!).

And I made a 100 of them that you can trade and collect on Neonmob (biggest project ever!), but I can only release a couple (expect a new 1 each week). It’s gonna be the 1st animated set Neonmob has, so they are still building support for animation to work on their site, but my set should be up in 3 months time.

Thank you so much to Mike Duca for inviting me to make this set!

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