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Hi Dribbblers!
I’m excited to introduce you a concept of an app that helps people to find the therapist for online consultation.

⏳ It isn’t easy to find “your” doctor and put consultation into your tight schedule. Especially, when you need immediate answers. The pandemic situation makes it even harder to visit hospital and wait in the line.

🧑‍⚕️ This app will allow consultations with specialists online via the preferred channel. With smart search, people could find a specialist most experienced in the exact field for fast and efficient consultation. An immediate consultation via app will help people to get true answers from the real doctors, not the internet. A profile with consultation history and medical documents helps patient to see progress and share the previous anamnesis easily. Leave a tonne of papers on the shelf 🙂

🖍️ The light and minimalistic design of the app allows people to focus on the content. It is simplified to 2 main actions: searching for a doctor and managing profile with history and personal data.

✨ While I was building this concept I realized that this question is very deep and it is super hard to cover such complicated experience in a couple of screens. But I’d be happy to create a fully functional health care app.

Feedback helps me improve and grow, I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts!

Maria Kosiakova
UX/UI Designer

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