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I’ve been working on two apps during quarantine. Carpe to help keep and build daily habits and routines and Diem for daily journaling. I’m excited to announce that both are now available on the App Store!

Now more than ever, daily routines are critical to stay healthy and sane. I’ve been using Carpe to help me keep up my daily habits and routines, and build new ones. Reminding me to go for a run, take a break to water my garden or staying on top of important meds for my dog Lola. Morning routines are so important to set yourself up for success throughout the day. I’ve been using Carpe to help me stay on top of everything going on at Acorns too, reminding me to send status updates to teammates, review critical metrics and prep for important weekly meetings and 1on1s.

When building new habits, motivation is key! Carpe helps you stay motivated with fun features like streaks and earning badges you can share on social media.

Stay on top of your daily habits and routines with Carpe for just $0.99 per month, with a 7 day free trial to make sure it’s right for you.

I hope you give it a try! Download Carpe today on the App Store.

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