Sport 2000 Unofficial Redesign #3

#3 of 5 proposals of my unofficial Sport 2000 logo redesign.

Following the 2008 identity guide, I made the following adjustments:
- The unique red color (#C41230) is replaced by a bright red (#FA0000)
- I kept the black and red logo, which are part of original Sport 2000 identity
- I kept the unique "Sport 2000" Display font, with rounded 'O' letters
- The words 'Sport' and '2000' are placed exactly at the same spot than on the original logo.
- The circle is rotated by -17°deg
- A blank border was added to the word '2000'

Sport 2000 Official website
Sport 2000 is a registered trademark by Sport 2000 France and Sport 2000 Brand AG.
This work is a personal reinterpretation of Sport 2000 brand by Bertrand Choubert done under Fair-Use agreement and is not
linked in any way to Sport 2000.

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