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Branding. 2020

Costa Rica

A company dedicated to the elaboration of Souvenirs and furniture inspired by the culture, flora and fauna of Costa Rica. Handcrafted, carved in wood and designed by Ismael Romualdo, also known as Ruma.
The purpose of these products is for home decoration or to bring a gift after a beautiful trip through the country.

Ruma is characterized by its unique design and the quality of its art.

What does the brand want to achieve?

In the difficult times that we find ourselves where sales and tourism have declined, the company decided to take a step into the digital world to make itself known.

The solution was to create a brand that communicates the values ​​and authenticity of the product, representing the country and its culture on the internet through an e-commerce platform, where they can buy the products and wait for them at their doorstep.

Ruma's art is very special and unique to be left without one of her products.

Watch the entire project on behance:

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