Disqus Recommendations

I was recently tasked with the design and development of a new Recommendations feature for Disqus, which would allow publishers to encourage their readers to explore and engage with more of their content.

While there were many technical challenges to this project from an engineering perspective, the primary goal and challenge as a designer was to provide an adaptive and accessible design that would meets the diverse needs of millions of publishers.

With that in mind and the knowledge that no website is the same, it was evident that the key to achieving these goals would be to establish a base layout and provide a level of modularity that had yet to be explored with other Disqus features.
To facilitate this experience, the feature is accompanied by a new collection of settings that allow publishers to customize the layout, contents, and placement which can be observed via an interactive preview.

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

If you're interested I encourage you to learn more about this new feature by checking out the announcement on the Disqus Blog!

Posted on Jun 4, 2020

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