Facebook iOS7 - Chat

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next shot is the Chat callout.

for this i wanted to keep it pretty similar to the current app but change small elements to make it fit with my other shots.

i first wanted to change the "new chat" icon as the bubble with a lightning bolt in it didn't signify "new chat" to me so it's now a compose icon which is used throughout all of my previous iOS7 shots.

i then wanted to make sure that each profile picture still followed the circular look, this makes it smoother on screen and is consistent with all other profile pics within the concept.

iv'e also kept the blurr effect behind the keyboard, this is just a sexy feature and i can see myself just sending iMessages to see the animation.

as always 2 real pixels are attached for your viewing pleasure and another shot will be uploaded shortly due to the downtime of dribbble i managed to get another shot done :)

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