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Volkswagen Redesign Teaser

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Volkswagen Redesign Teaser vw volkswagen redesign beetle futura bottom menu thumbnails white blur

Haha, I'm working on a new redesign. This time VW :)

My plan is to try a new concepts for homepage, models subpage and model detail. Also some little improvements which I'll find during the work. This shot is a first version of index. Menu is placed down and will have opening areas rising to the top. Big background image should be some short video ad or something (I want to make a light html version to show you this thing later)

I have also simple preloading page with funny VW logo loader in it. I'll post it as a next GIF shot maybe.

Well, this time I would like to introduce you that I have started to work on it and I'm ready for your feedbacks. Now I'm not sure about thumbnails in the right so if you have better idea how to solve this let me know in comments.

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