iOS7 Videos - Movies

iOS7 Videos - Movies

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now that i have more uploads available here is the next shot :)

first off i wanted to fix the movies icon as the current icon was a little out of proportion compared to the others, i then wanted to add a more button which will load up a menu that allows the user to sort movies, tv shows and music videos by rating, date, alphabetical etc (not decided on which sorting yet)

in the current videos concept you can only see 9 movies at once with no indication of what direction you can view your movies (scrolling vertically or paging), so i have added extra and indicated that there are more below which affords the action of scrolling.

i have attached all 4 real pixels, first 2 are the initial movies and the next 2 are the edit screens

thank you all for all the love you have given my iOS7 shots so far :)

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