Sonar Project Management Tool - People Zero Page

Hi guys! Today, we present you Zero and Filled People Screens!

Why is it important to show both of them?

About the project: Sonar Project Management Tool
Design by Tajana Tomic and bazen. agency
Collab with @fishermenlabs 🤝
As UI and UX designers, we typically focus on designing screens and parts of Websites and Applications that contain large amounts of data. This is a natural focus because users spend most of their time inside our applications interacting with data.
However, the empty state, or zero data state — as well as the onboarding process often get ignored until the app is nearly compete and someone realizes that when no data exists, the app simply displays a blank screen. Or, you notice that when a user first signs up, they are just thrown into the app without much instruction at all. Both cases are less than ideal.
What do you think about this? Do you remember to do all these steps or do you forget some? 🤔

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