Health Care Mobile App for Medical Professionals and Patients

Hey guys!

What you see above is a few screens of a mobile app we are working on here at Zajno at the moment. The app aims to help health care professionals improve and facilitate patient care. Would be handy to have one of those now, wouldn't it?

The app is a tool for convenient communication between doctors and patients and a way of logging all the necessary information from a patient's medical history to prescriptions and recommendations. The app also allows consumers to choose a necessary health care professional by checking their profiles. Afterwards, patients list all the symptoms they have and make an appointment with a doctor if necessary. Doctors then prescribe the necessary treatment and the app helps to find pharmacies where to buy medicines.

In terms of design, we went for a clear and light look to give users the feeling of purity, order and cleanliness. We focused on making the experience as easy and intuitive as possible so that patients could get help without a delay. Even though the design is very minimal and strictly "professional", we still tried to create a cheerful environment mainly through the illustrations.

Share your feedback 😉 Stay tuned as more screens are coming soon!

P.S. Many thanks to Oleh Harlamov for the illustrations!

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Posted on Apr 24, 2020

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