That Portfolio Book - now available for pre-orders

Hey friends! I wrote a book about portfolios and it’s officially available for pre-order today!

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That Portfolio Book™ is much more than a book. It's intended to be both book and course combined. Best of all, the book is alive! I'll constantly be adding new content over time. You're going to get 12+ chapters of text, audio, and video all online and packed with interviews and advice from leading professionals.

This book combines my experience and the portfolio advice I’ve gotten from everyone from independent designers, developers, photographers and illustrators to a wide range of big and small agencies/studios. I even stopped by to chat at companies like Lyft and many others to come like Facebook and Netflix.

I wanted to know exactly what they look for in a portfolio and why. We all know that the companies/clients hiring us are looking at hundreds of portfolios at any given time. How in the world are we going to stand out? How can we get their attention in the sea of portfolios out there? Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of that in this book. We’ll talk about how to think about your portfolio as a story, a plan, and a tool which, in return, will help you make it unique, or as I like to call it, authentic.

Many portfolios look exactly the same and many other people can do the same work that you can, but they can’t tell your unique, authentic, individual story. Only you can do that. We’re all different and no matter our background, we all approach our work from our own unique perspective. Use that. Be different because we are all different. Remember this, people don't hire work, they hire people. Use your portfolio as your chance to stand out. The full book will be available this May. However, if you pre-order today you'll get access to the content as we add it in before the full launch.

I can't wait to talk about portfolios with you!

Dann Petty
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