Overall Collective Brand Design

Created a logo and brand identity for a design collective of craftspeople, builders and designers. Needed to be earthy yet stylish, with a sense of play. While the colors remained earthy, inspired by the raw materials often used of leather, wood and metal, a feminine and minimal style was also desired and achieved by the use of illustrative touches and type selection. The logo itself represents an abstract lunar cycle as well as representing the "O" in the name, and forming a dimensional bolt or similar connecting hardware frequently used in building furniture and spaces. The animation was created for IGTV videos for a series called "Shop Talk" to explore in a fun way the many sexist expressions and sayings often used in a woodworking or building environment. Website was designed in Adobe XD and built in WIX - see site at www.overallcollective.com

Patti Glenn
Brand Design that Moves.

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