The ideal notebook for graphic artist and designer

P0055 ring binder notebooks 01

A5 ring-binder with changeable paper blocks, the artists can fill with whatever they wish: dot grid / isometric dot grid / thick paper for calligraphy / glossy / textured watercolor paper / black / coloured / craft paper. Or just enough to produce the paper blocks of any kinds themselves for existing A5 ring-binders. The main purpose is letting the artists to mix the media, add new works into the old projects, and sort them in any order. Nothing can be more handy for them than this.

Every artist can handicraft for himself such notebooks with various papers, based on usual grid paper binders. But it is preferable to have them in industrial production and on world market. Because it is too tiresome to pick the necessary paper, cut it into the sheets, and punch a holes in them.


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