SPRT App - Onboarding

Hello, how's everyone holding up? Probably not the best time to show some more of the work I've done on the SPRT app, which is essentially an app that gets you out of the house to meet groups of people and exercise together, but here we go.

These are some onboarding screens of the SPRT App summarising what the app can do.

SPRT (Spirit) is an app that will allow you to:
• Build your own sports network of athletes. Stay up to date and discover unknown sportive activities around you.
• Create athletic events and challenge other members to participate.
• Stay in touch with other members at all times. Share your most memorable sports experiences and achievements.
• Create your own individual sports profile.
• Demonstrate your abilities and skills to the SPRT community.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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Alex Marin
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