Jenni's Noodle House "Noodle Slurpin' Sloth"

The Noodle Slurpin' Sloth was first created as part of a mural at Jenni's Noodle House. The original painting was destroyed when a car drove through the neighboring beer space through a shared wall. Since that time the owners have often looked back fondly on the little sloth. This year they asked me to bring back the Noodle Slurpin' Sloth for a t-shirt design. I created a couple of options, on with black and white on a gray t-shirt and one with their brand red, cream version of their yellow with two shades of brown on a navy t-shirt. The owners had the four-color version printed. Fans and employees have been excited by the new t-shirt and the owners said it was their favorite design in 18 years of business.

Katharine Kearns
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