This is an old project that I finally got around to posting. Homescreen is a web app that offers verification and screening for renters and landlords. I was tasked with creating the UI.

• The application is lengthy; it may take a couple days to finish.
• Renters need to be able to read and sign documents as they go.
• Needs to work on mobile and desktop

• Design a step tracker so renters can see where they are at all times. Motivate them with the green check marks. Allow renters to hide the tracker if they (1) want to focus on the current page or (2) have limited space on their viewport
• Instead of one scrollable page, I designed the layout with deliberate back and next buttons to give renters focus and because it feels good to finish a page
• The UI is very minimal in style and color to allow renters to focus on the content. Also, I think the minimal design makes the experience feel easier/less daunting.
• The app auto-saves so that the renters don't have to think about saving

Posted on Mar 20, 2020
Danny Amacher
I design software and sometimes other things. 👋🏼

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